They fear the freedom of speech

Original written by me, this translation by @RebeccaAllenLamptey (Thank you so much!)

Published in “Gotlänningen” in the Gotland Newspapers 2011-07-13

I just had an experience of a lifetime, and now I am probably enjoying Gotland more than I ever did before. To me, still three days later, there is a tangible sense of relief, of freedom and security, in being back home.

Yesterday Uppsala University, where I am enrolled, called me. They told me that if someone were to ask them to comment, their answer will be the following:

“We support our student’s right to express his opinions.”

Tears pushed against me eyelids and I had to fight them for a few seconds. The significant insight of being in a country where authorities endorses and protects citizens’ rights was unexpectedly strong.

A few days earlier I had been told by Chinese authorities that hey had decided to throw me out. I was obviously too dangerous to be allowed to stay in China. The reactions of this decision, I hope will help to bring about change in China and liberate both the Chinese people from the regime that exists there, but also the outside world from the influences that otherwise are likely to affect us as well if the Communist Party is allowed to continue in the direction they are heading. We see development where China quite aggressively is investing and gaining influence in areas such as Africa. Companies adapt and close their eyes to what this means for China’s population and several indebted Western countries are already dependent on China.

My crime was a “letter” to the chairman of the Communist Party. I had invited him, strictly him only, to participate in a “flash mob”. The aim was to get to a location i central Shanghai, stand there for five minutes with the word freedom written somewhere on your body, no direct criticism, but rather leaving it up to each individual to interpret what it meant.

Mr Chairman never reported any interest, no one else did either. The police did not want to take any risks – they grabbed me. I agreed to cancel and never got the opportunity to participate, and as far as I know, nobody else attended either. In practice, nothing happened. For this I was deported.

This is how the Chinese system works.

During the interrogation they explained several times that “this is China”, and that I should follow its laws. But whose laws are applying here? Well, it is a group of people who cover eachothers back as well as protecting the system, and who – when they feel threatened – say;

“Damage against national leadership” and with a snap… they can get rid of anyone. The authorities’ arbitrary interference has led to a very dejected attitude amongst the Chinese people. They claim that change is impossible or at least that is has to grow very slowly. This is despite the fact that during my year in China I did not meet one single person who did not express that they want things to change. This group is the same one that earlier has caused China terrible disasters, and they are believed to be responsible for about 70 million lives.

Mr. Bjorklund wants to introduce Chinese education in schools. Good – this will be useful in the future. I would just like to see that this includes education about the system and the history of the country that in a few years time will be the dominant superpower of the world.

To me, China is the people who live there, and I believe I have not violated their laws.