Alla mina eget perspektiv

About amep

I have considered the name for a very long time. Once upon a time the whole blog was intended to be in Swedish. But that is not very actual now, it’s possible there are some Swedes that will read it, but I suppose that the majority of the readers does not understand it, and since my Chinese is not very fluent, and my will to write something many times conflicts with the high “energy barrier” that I suffer from when it comes to write Chinese, I simply choose English. Anyway, I found out a name in Swedish that I thought was very good.

“Alla mina eget perspektiv” is grammatically wrong in Swedish. In English it would be “All of my own perspective”, but for me the point is more obvious in Swedish. In Swedish the grammatical “mistake” is very obvious, and that is the point. “Alla” indicates that “perspektiv” is plural, while “eget” makes it singular. And that is the feeling I have, people thinks that they have good and many perspectives, but actually, we all just have our own perspective.

Some people regard their own perspective as more valid and important than any human life or human suffering. I am trying to be open minded, not to narrow my perspective. Sometimes it’s tough the reach new perspectives, it can be very humiliating when you understand that you have been fighting for opinion just because your perspective was too narrow, that you had wrong information etc. Many people don’t want to feel humiliated, even if it’s because of their own decisions and actions, for me it seems to be a mechanism in the human head, and you must be aware of it to be able to avoid it, otherwise it’s quite probable that you prefer to lie, or in some way keep other persons away from finding it, or find reasons that justify your acts. This mechanism often drives people to do, with my perspective, stupid things.

One of my most basic beliefs is that the more relevant information we can possess, the better and more valid decisions can be made. What is relevant information? It’s simply the truth, hard to know, therefore we should make as much of the information open and available as possible. Some people call this the information era, and it’s probably the first era in human history when we can make this practically possible thanks to the internet. But this also threats the the people that have gained power thanks to the possibility of propaganda and peoples lack of information. Why they, just as above mention, fights to protect their lies and put effort to control any kind of information.

I will use this blog to communicate, to write down my thoughts, my wants, my reflection all from my perspective. I don’t claim my words are true, I claim it’s my perspective, if it’s wrong or differ from your perspective, please tell me.