Alla mina eget perspektiv

Response to a blogpost – part 3, A few Swedish students with China experience?

As we all have different views and perspectives of the world, we will probably learn different things from our experiences. I think that is quite natural, and therefor I was not very surprised by one group of “responders” to my expulsion, namely a few Swedish students with study experience in China.

One of the first was a girl/woman that sent me this message on facebook

do you know anything about chinas history or are just a little stupid? ….it is embarrassing to read about what you have done.

respect chinas laws and rules if you decide to go there. goodbye.

Well, yes I think I know something, so if I only could choose one alternative I had to say no to the stupid thing, but actually I do think I am a little stupid, at least (and perhaps she should consider to respect the spelling and interpunctional rules of the Swedish language?) . Most people are at some point. But then it comes to that “respect the laws”-thing, which I will continue to claim is not a valid argument as long as the laws aren’t based on some kind of logical justifying base. That a small fraction of people can repress other people, control military powers etc, while themselves gain huge privileges is not really justice in a logical point of view.

However, I decided to get more out of that girl, asking here what part of Chinese history she thought I should study, since I agreed with her that I (just like most of people) should study more. She didn’t really give me a proper answer, but she seemed at least to be aware that something had happened in 1989 and she seem to know at least one famous book on Chinese history, but I didn’t really get how she made her connections to my stupidness.

I published the conversation (with her name anonymized) on my text blog, here translated through Google.





The second example was a guy that wrote to me on twitter. Posting on twitter which could be quite convenient for me, since its already public, and I can just hit retweet and all people following me (of which probably most follows me since they support my views or something similar) can see and answer if they want. He wrote (in Swedish)

What I don’t understand is how @svenenglund that lived 6 months in China got such a negative picture of China. China is far more better than SWE, I lived 2 years in China and knew a huge number of Chinese people that loved the country don’t get how he could get all wrong?

I was actually even more coward than just retweet it, I also translated it into Chinese and tweeted it. There were some people that answered and only a few hours later, the tweet was deleted and I got no further comment. I don’t like when people delete tings, but anyway I managed to get a screenshot since it was still left in my echofon feed. I found one of the tweets answering via Google.





The third and last example is my personal favourite, its awesome. A friend of mine “mentioned” my name in one of his friends wall-conversation, just to make me aware that they were discussing about the situation in China. I read it, starting with a post of a Chinese guy like this:

Then it continued, and my friend linked some things about me, when another guy writes (this is the awesome):

But the fun thing doesn’t stop there, when I was back in Sweden, had began my thesis work etc, I quite naturally got quite many common friends with other Swedes that are interested in China. Since it had only passed a few months I easily recognized this guy when he turned up in the commentator fields at some of my facebook friends. And he seemed to notice that I also had an interest in China, so, he sent me an frind inquiry and wrote me a message:


I think its fun to learn to know other that are interested in China and Chinese. I hope you don’t mind I send you a friend inquiry?

I answered:

Hi, no problem, I’m very positive surprised! You used a bit harsh words last time. 🙂

Then he wondered what I meant, I copied a link to the conversation and then he wrote:

Nooooooooooo, was that you?

and explained he only wanted to speed up the discussion. I gave him an answered where I tried to explain that the laws in China don’t obviously refuse me to do what did etc. He never answered after that.

Yeah, however, I think we can conclude that people have different opinions, all people that have lived in China don’t necessary think like me. In these cases when I have been criticized I can however feel that I don’t get satisfactory argument and therefore it won’t affect me more than making me aware of these actual examples of persons’ opinions.

That was one category of people that reacted to my action in China, there more at least one more example of similar reactions, but he also wrote “And no fucking transparency now” and said he didn’t want me to publish anything about what he had written, and perhaps I should try to keep my post short.