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Response to a blogpost – part 2 “Freedom of Speech = Defamation = Attempted murder?”

Here comes the next post on the responses to my expulsion from China. And this is perhaps a bit extra fascinating. One of the Swedish nationalist blogs that wrote about me after my expulsion was the one by Lena Holfe (I hadn’t heard about her before). The blog main title is (my translation):

“Save Sweden now – a blog against corruption and other insanity by the author Lena Holfe with guest writers”.


When we come to the actual blogpost, its enough to read the title of the blogpost to understand that she disagree with my action, and I would not argue if someone said its a bit arrogant, but also a bit far-fetched.

I read through the blogpost:

Sven, 24, thrown out from China after blogpost
The exchange student Sven Englund, 24, invited to a peaceful demonstration on his blog. The Chinese security police did not like – and expelled him from the country.
-“They called one call and then I had a ticket home, he says.”

The political correct people in Sweden dont think “When in Rome, do as the Romans”. No, the Swedish people shall quit celebrate midsummer, not sing in churches, call pastries chocolate balls, and imagine the it come immigrants. We are probably very alone with this completely insane behavior.

In China are Chinese rules, customs, norms and laws ruling – not Swedish.
What we call “freedom of Speech” here would they with high probability call “insolence and defamation”, and defamation in Asia is equal to attempted murder here.
It is very, very serious to defame people. We are telling tales about each other all days long.
Codetermination and democracy is considered, if the leaders try to introduce it, a clear sign that they escape from their responsibility. They are trying to trick the citizens to do their job, which is to rule the country, the company, the family, the group.
– Lazy smiters! Irresponsible schmucks!

We have democrazy and codetermination in such an extent that nowadays no one is deciding anything, instead people go to Gotland for one week and prattle, prattle, prattle – but nothing lead to action. All bark and no bite [a lot of talk, but no one acts], and for me I can see Sweden is sink, sink, sink and a lot of paralyzed “democrats” stands by and watch and seems most interested in the million bonuses.
Why is the youth unemployment in Sweden the highest in Scandinavia… shall we now talk about in another 40 years…

Lena Holfve

When I read and was immediately wondering if this woman was insane, that was some pretty crappy shit, quite otherworldly and disconnected. Does she really think that slander people, however bad it is, is equal to attempted murder in Asia? And how on earth can she find the connection of freedom of speech and attempted murder? And how is anything of that connected with me? And where have she met people that would get upset if Chinese leaders introduce democracy (has that happened the last 100 years?). The questions could continue, but to sum up, I had mainly just three questions:

1. Who is this women?
2. Whats her background?
3 How on earth is it possible that she has worked for the Swedish government? (In her description of herself she writes that she previously has been working for the Swedish government etc.)

I googled her, and found a thread on Flashback, one the biggest internet discussion forums in Sweden. I could barely keep away from laughing, since the thread starter starts like this (notice the similarity to my own questions…):

I have a question and therefore I now turn to the all-knowing of Flashback:
1. Who the hell is Lena Holfve?
2. What has she done?
3. Is that person a joke?
4. Has she really worked for the government?

I found a blog a few days ago, run by this duffer bitch; Usually I don’t care about blogs, and not this either actually, until I read that this human that run this virtual vomit over all human sense claims that she is an author, IT-innovator and has been a member of Riksdagens [the Swedish parliament] committee of women entrepeneurship.

It mostly go on like that, some people defend her, but most people seem to agree that she is some kind of madcap. Later I also found that she became co-writer on the at that time biggest Swedish nationalist blog “Politiskt inkorrekt” (Political incorrect), about one year before that blog was shut down.

I won’t do any deep analysis on this women, I will just conclude that she to no measures made me change my mind on my actions in China.