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Response to a blogpost – part 1?

One of the most active kind of people to give response to my expulsion from China was Swedish nationalists. I got aware of several nationalistic blogs that I hadn’t heard about before and in the comments of many of the news articles, nationalists were also very active. I think I take up this ball now, because the last days have reminded us about the danger of fear, where nationalists has turned into serial murders like Anders Behring Breivik in Norway and Peter Mangs Sweden. There is a lot of things to say here, but I will try to keep to reactions on my own actions now.

In some cases they only wrote about what happened, like rewrites of a news article they linked to. But it is anyway interesting that they chose to write about it, since their selection is quite narrow, and exclusively aiming to encourage the nationalistic feelings of their readers.

Here is one example of a relatively famous Swedish nationalistic blog:


Fria tider (Free times): Swedish dissident is sent home from China

A Swedish student in China is expelled after he had called for a demonstration on freedom of speech. The student, that has gotten his residence permit revoked, is now on a flight back to Sweden.

The rest (see Google translate here) of the article keeps about the same level, so lets take a look at a few examples of the comments:

Matti Josefsson:
No matter what you think about the laws and rules in a country, when you are there you shall obey them. It belongs to good manner, I can understand the Chinese.

Was he Swedish or “Swedish”?

Swedish naive idiot.

completely right by China to expel the tomfool swede. caling for revolution can off course not be accepted. he can also have had a client-who knows. China is the future super power if not already, has a faster and faster growing economy and welfare…don’t throw bricks when you are sitting in a glass houses>to the swede

This is very similar to how Swedish dissidents (people critical to immigrants) are treated by the Swedish government and media.

I think there is several shortcomings with these comments, for example, they seem not very aware of what actually happened and their prejudice is quite present and they seem not very interested in what I really did and wrote on my blog. I also think they take the issue of justice to simple, if you ask me, it is far from obvious that one need or should obey laws in an injustice and corrupt country. And finally, off course, no Swedish citizens are expelled from Sweden. I think people should pursue to question their opinions, read books, talk to people, ask for other peoples opinion. But these people just seems ignorant and bully, which make it hard to take their words seriously.

Finally, one of the few that seems to have actually read my blog himself writes:

Carl Lundström:
Cool guy. What an adventure. Read his blog.

I like people that can go against the grain and question attitudes like the one in those comments. More people should!