Alla mina eget perspektiv

One year anniversary.

In these days, its one year ago the I was expelled from China, probably one of the most interesting experiences of my life. What I can remember, I haven’t regret it a single second, but considered my kind of on-the-edge-blogpost before, and even more after as one of the most important investments I ever made.

So many positive reactions and support (thank to all of you!), some negative, mostly from Swedish nationalists that think I should “respect” the Chinese culture and their “laws”. For me it seems a bit strange, doesn’t the culture come from the people? And did I really violate the Chinese law? I’m not sure, actually I guess not, I made some powerful people feel provoked and in the end, I was not expelled according to the law of Peoples Republic of China, but to these powerful peoples’ arbitrary decision.

Quite many months ago, I wrote that I would write several blogposts about the reactions, but still I haven’t. I considered that I had to put some more effort make a good thesis for graduation. It gave result, I could go a second turn to Taiwan in March and at the same day as I presented my work in Sandvik in Stockholm, I was offered an project employment for 7.5 months. Usually I like to have a steady ground, time for consideration and experience so after a few days of considering I accepted their offer. Thats why I’m right now in England (usually I’m based in Stockholm) for an International conference on additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

Except working, commuting back and forth to Stockholm from Uppsala etc, I have read quite a lot of books about China. I think my interest has grown, to know about, and to understand China, I guess that interest will last for the rest of my life. Perhaps I’ll go for a bachelor in Chinese, but that depends a lot on how things works out. If I hadn’t been offered the employment in Sandvik, I had probably been going to Taiwan and another year of Chinese in month.

So, opportunities can decide quite a lot in the life!

Enjoy it!