Alla mina eget perspektiv

Chinese censorship.

I saw a tweet by kinablog linking to a BBC article about a study about censorship in China today.

For those who doesn’t know; Sina Weibo is often called the Chinese twitter with more than 250 million users.

One of those who conducted the study, David Bamman, says that he is surprised that some terms appear at all with such massive censorship:

The fact that we see these terms in messages would seem to imply that the censorship is not an automatic process,” he told the BBC. This exposed, he said, the tension between government demands for active policing and reluctance on the part of companies to inhibit what their customers do.

Is it good signs? I wonder how big the patience of the Chinese netizens are. I wouldn’t endure such a wide amount of censorship, afraid to develope biased opinions. I hope more Chineze netizens will climb the wall and in the end, the government of China understand that the solution is not to put efforts to keep the Chinese citizens stupid, but to change strategy and work for more transparency.