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Proposal to new criminal procedure law in China.

I was first going to write this as a facebook update, but when I realised it was a bit long and that I update my blog not too often, I realized I could copy it into my blog instead.

It has been going on for a while, I heard it a few month ago for the first time, and when it comes up in the “National Peoples Congress” the usual Chinese rhetoric is there. This is quoted from an article in the Shanghai Daily:

The draft revisions to China’s Criminal Procedure Law say that detainees’ families must be told within 24 hours, except when it is impossible or when the detainees are “involved in crimes concerning state security, terrorism or especially serious corruption and notification of where they are residing could obstruct investigations.”

Chinese rhetoric:
Wang, vice chairman of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, said that although the current law fully embodied the principle of human rights protection, it was necessary to write the article into the law (…) to strengthen punishment of crimes and protect the people, to strengthen and make innovations in social administration and maintain social harmony and stability

My own thoughts:

1. Crimes concerning state security is with my own experience often a good thing to the Chinese people.
2. What the law embodies and the actual law enforcement is two veery different issues. Its often very arbitrary.
3. I’m in many cases “allergic” to the use of “necessary”.
4. The actual consequence is more probable that authorities can continue to commit remanding crimes, but now with “legal” support.