Alla mina eget perspektiv


A few years ago, in high school in Visby, me and some classmates had a task to set up and film the story about Tartuffe, written in the 17th century by the French writer Moliere. It was quite fun, but we hadn’t prepared it very well. In the group we had decided that everyone should read the story and then we just met, decided the scenes and hopefully had understood the story correctly. I borrowed a book a few days before, but it was written in hexameters or something, so I just read it quite roughly and probably got most of it through summaries on the internet. I hoped my friends were better prepared. We started to take the shots, but actually I was not really sure how it would end. Someone in the group had a memory of a shrine, that seemed to be important, I had no memory myself of it, but we looked it up in the book and found it, and in some way hopefully understood the plot. But not even when we shot the actual scene I was sure what was in the shrine, which I accidentally reveals in the outtakes in the end when I (Orgon) call for a guard to arrest Tartuffe and say that I got proofs in the shrine, but actually I wasn’t that sure and have to ask: “Or do I?”

The plot:
Orgon adores a guy called Tartuffe, who actually is a quite sneaky guy. He fools Orgon to marry off his daughter, and succeeds to make Orgon sign a contract that makes all his stuff belong to Tartuffe. But his wife see through it and remembers that shrine. In the shrine there is some kind of proof that the stuff still belongs to Orgon and the story ends.

As you can see (which you probably can whether you understand Swedish or not), our roleplay is quite amateurish, as it should be. When we were about to present it, I was a bit nervous, I was still not sure our plot was correct. Our teacher could have ask us what we had gotten the story from and told us that it was not Tartuffe as she knew it, but she didn’t. We got a good mark.

I wanted to save our productions we made during high school, so after the graduation, I went back to school and spent a few days to arrange them and copy the into DVD. Just a few days ago I found that DVD again and was pretty happy when I realized that the format was youtube compatible!

So, definately no Academy Awards, but here it is. Tartuffe.