Alla mina eget perspektiv

The freedom of speech is fundamental.

This is a part of the petition #freebloggers. See here for further information.

The last centuries there have been a development into a more democratic world that I guess is kind of unique in history, the last year is not an exception. You’ll probably find people fighting for democracy almost wherever you come, the desire for equality and opportunity to affect the system and people that you entrust with authority. For me, humans are humans, no matter where they come from or how they look like and everybody have a kind of non-measurable value. Strictly, I think people should have the total freedom to decide their own life, but practically I also think that a system where all people have to participate in all public decisions would be to inefficient and time-consuming. So we simply entrust a smaller group of people with trust to exert authority, take decisions that in fact violates our freedom. We have to pay taxes, we are not allowed to walk wherever we want, not allowed to drive too fast etc.

A democratic system is a sign of the equal value of humans. But the fight cannot stop there. A democratic system is not fair until a some certain amount of openness and transparency is achieved, and actually – I’m not sure any country has achieved it this far. The task of the state should not just be to maintain it and “protect” it from development, the task should further be to secure free knowledge and search for the best decisions.

The best decisions can only be made when you have all necessary information. But it will probably be impossible to know what “necessary” is, and for me it’s quite obvious that it’s hard to base my opinion on something when I lack knowledge, and sometimes, there are probably cases when I lack knowledge in such amount that I don’t even know that I should take a decision. I think we need every single person that want to engage in search for information. The more we know, the more information we posses – the better possibility to take better decisions we have, and I simply think that is necessary to solve our problems. We need people and media to investigate, to search for the truth and speak it out. To restrict them will will make us more stupid, to accept restriction is to accept yourself to be manipulated, and you will have harder to base your opinions and decision on fair information.

Some people think it’s more important to keep such information away from people, I guess they find it better to control others, than let them know the truth. I don’t say that I know the truth, but I do think we should put effort to search for it. People that are detained for their words or opinions should be released, people that are trying to find the truth and tell the world are doing a very important job and without them, we would lack more knowledge than we do.

We need to remind us, our memory is probably not that good as we believe. In many countries there are people that are longing for the freedom in Europe or US, at the same time as some of the European countries and US are about to restrict this fundamental freedom. I will not be very surprised if there during my lifetime will be a change, and for example China, with the consequences of restricted freedom fresh in the mind will turn more free than Europe and US, that in some kind of arrogant way forgot why they once set up the rules of freedom, of speech, of opinions, of information gathering etc.

I were trying out the limits in China, and it’s possible I shall be “lucky” that still today is a free blogger. I hope all people with the intention to inform and educate humanity also shall be.