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Application for the Anders Wall scholarship

Hi everone, this is an application to a Sholarship called the Anders Wall Scholarship, which includes 10 month working for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. You can read about it here (in Swedish). Last day of application is on the 30th of November, so I still have a one day at when publishing. Any comments are welcome. Have I forgot something? Is it too mixed-up? Jumpy? Silly? Is it stupid to apply at all? I mean, I would be kind of surprised if they choose me, and I’m a bit curious to see how they handle it. I would indeed be a bit controversial choice.

Application – Anders Walls scholarship

Dear Swedish Chamber of Commerce and the Anders Wall foundation, it is with a mix of happiness, future look and fear I write this application. My first contact with the Anders Wall foundation was a few years ago in Uppsala. The annual Anders Wall lecture was a great source of inspiration. Once went there, I could see examples of what people can reach with their ideas if they are ready to engage and made me think that change and fame is more often than many of us consider, is a decision we can take ourself. And I think that have effected me a lot last years, and have made me put up quite high goals for my life. I want to make a difference.

I was born on Gotland in the Baltic Sea, soon 25 years ago. I passed through school with quite good results. I was early told to study natural Science and when it came to high school I did not spend a lot of time to reflect my choice. Three years later, when I were about to apply for a university, my choice was not that easy. My new big interests was language, but I didn’t have the time to engage in it. One day I heard about an engineering programme with international focus, I was immediately determined – Chemistry and China. After some more considerations, I did not chose that programme, but I decided to make it my own way, and sometime before graduation go to China and study the language. Before that I engaged in the student society of Uppsala. Through boards and committees I experienced to be in positions where I could make a change. I really enjoyed it, the atmosphere of future look, the engagement, but there were things I still thought could be better. I was nominated as the president for the at that time largest student association with volountary membership.

My interest in language and my interest in development of myself and the society led me to the understanding of the importance of communication and I found my self in love with the new way to communicate – the social media. The closeness and availability really changed the the conditions of our way to share information and keep in contact with each other and this is probably something that I will try to use the benefit of if I am chosen as scholar.

I considered what I wanted – an open society, a society where you can find the appropriate information for necessary decisions. From the student- and university life in Uppsala, my interest where turned to a more global perspective and especially China – that I consider as the probably most influential power during a big part of my lifetime. So I went there last year. To learn the language and get a better understanding of the cultur, system and the people. I realized that the trademark Sweden is very strong in China and several times I heard people talk about Sweden as some kind of paradise. This is something that even more encourage me to write this application, to work for something that I in some way can feel proud of. I think it’s very important for Swedes, as well as anyone else, to get a better understanding of China, and at the same time I think China can find a lot of inspiration from the Swedish companies and society.

In Sweden we often have the perspective of respecting individuals, something that I believe is something very attractive in China, and I think that Swedish companies that are aware of that and really try to keep or implement it when doing business in China will not just have the direct benefits, but in a long term also achieve a positive and strong reputation. One example is is the Sandvik concern, their core values are “Team spirit”, “Open mindness” and “Fair play”, things that in some way is a lack in some parts of the Chinese system, and probably therefore so much more attractive. When I read that Sandvik was awarded for being one of the best employers in China, I did not see it as a coincidence, but as a natural consequence.

I really think that the companies plays some kind of fundamental role in the society and that is another reason that the Anders Wall scholarship attracts me. To have opportunity to live in China and work for the connection between Sweden and China would be very motivating. I lived in Shanghai for one year 2010/2011 and sometimes participated in the events by the Swedish chamber of commerce, and it was through their newsletter I one day read about the Scholarship. My Chinese is far from perfect, but usually I can express what I want. But trying to make change in China is bit risky activity. Thats why I had to leave China two weeks earlier than I had planned in July this year, and at the moment I’m not really sure they will let me go back, but I am anyway planning to appeal their decision, since it violates the laws of China. But I think that should not affect your choice. I reached a lot of my purpose during my year in China, and to work one year at the Swedish Chamber of commerce would definitely help me to achieve my goal, but probably in a very different way than last time. It would also be an important experience for me, as I’m later in life considering to apply for the 2 years commission as manager at the Nordic center in Shanghai.

I’m really looking forward to read your answer, and I hope you will call me for an interview. For further information about me, please see the links below or Google my name in Swedish or Chinese (应斯文).

CV at LinkedIn
Main website, where you also can find my Chinese blogs.

Presidency nomination for the Uppsala Student Union for Engineering and Science students (2010)

“Valberedningen anser att det under det kommande året krävs en ordförande som är väl påläst och insatt i utns verksamhet och de stora förändringa som orgnisationen står inför. Ordförande ska på ett representativt och förtroendeingivande sätt kunna föra utns talan och fungera som ett ansikte utåt. Valberedningen anser att personen som vi har valt att nominera uppfyller tidigare nända kriterier i stor utstäckning samt har betydande kontakter inom universitet och stor insikt i utbildningsfrågor. Valberedningen är övertygade om att kandidaten kommer att fungera som ett stöd för både kommande års styrelse och engagerade inom utn, då han har tidigare erfarenheter från både styrelsen och studierådsverksamthet. Personen har angett starka referenser som har styrkt valberednignens uppfattning. Utöver detta har valberedningen även mottagit en mycket stark rekomendation. Valberedningen har därför valt att nominerna Sven Englund till Ordförande för Utn ht10-vt11.”

Motivation for the Uppsala Universitys Chemical sections “Nobel prize” 2010.

Kemisektionens styrelse har valt att tilldela Sven Englund Nobelpriset 2009.
Sven tilldelas priset för sitt brinnande engagemang för sin medstudenters studiesituation, inte bara inom kemiteknikprogrammet utan också inom Uppsala teknolog och naturvetarkår. Svens arbete som studeranderepresentant har bidragit till att vi alla får en bättre utbildning anpassad till studenterna såväl som till arbetslivet och universitetet. Han har gjort ett viktigt jobb för studenter på teknisk naturvetenskapliga fakulteten i allmänhet och för studenterna på Kemiteknikprogrammet i synnerhet.
Sven är en person som gör allt för sina medmänniskor och som ser till att alla får sin röst hörd. Han tar sina uppdrag på stort allvar och han ställer alltid upp, även när han har fullt upp med annat. En rad förtroendeuppdrag både inom sektionen samt Uppsala teknolog och naturvetarkår har inneburit en hög arbetsbelastning, men det har han klarat galant. Nästa steg är måhända det ”riktiga” nobelpriset.